In Part 1 of DMA’s HOW-TO on Source Filmmaker, we explored the basics of interacting and controlling camera movements in Valve’s 3D animation software, Source Filmmaker. In Part 2, we’ll discover how to import actors into scenes and use the timeline to view footage.


Digital Media Academy’s HOW-TO series is hosted by industry professionals and DMA instructors. Learn at your own pace — for FREE. This video’s host is DMA Instructor Phillip Reeves.

Source Filmmaker, Part 2:

What You’ll Learn in this Video:

  • Placing characters (“actors”) within scenes
  • Which key commands control actor movements
  • Changing and selecting cameras
  • Using different camera angles
  • How to use the timeline to review your footage


Learning More
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Next Week: Part 3 of our HOW-TO series on Source Filmmaker. In Part 3, we’ll teach you how to import another actor into the scene, and then edit the movie. Every Thursday posts a new HOW-TO.