Class has just started at DMA tech camp at Yale, but everybody’s already completely absorbed into their project work.

Yale University first opened its doors way back in 1701—making Yale more than seventy years older than the U.S. Still one of the most selective colleges or universities in the world, Yale remains at the very top of the Ivy League.

Digital Media Academy is delighted to bring its tech-camp program to Yale’s historic campus. This is DMA’s first camp experience at Yale and we are honored to be in the presence of so much academic excellence and history.

DMA tech camps bring cutting-edge subjects (like filmmaking, robotics, animation, app development, animation, music production and more) to kids and teens who want to do something creative and cool with their vacations.

Here’s what’s been going on at Digital Media Academy’s tech camp during Week One at Yale:

Yale-DMA-Minecraft-classMinecraft course is in full session at Yale’s DMA tech camp.

Yale-DMA-class-photoThese DMA campers will never forget their magical summer at Yale, one of America’s greatest college campuses.

Yale-DMA-classroom-instructionCampers progress through the material at their own rate, and a knowledgeable DMA Instructor is always close by if you need one-on-one instruction.

…and then there’s the historic Yale campus!

Yale-DMA-Exploring-campusEverywhere you look on the Yale campus, there’s something historic to see and photograph.

Yale-Dining-hallNumerous U.S. presidents have eaten in Yale’s famous and massive dining hall. And look at that ceiling!

Yale-DMA-camper-readingYale is a sanctuary for the intellectual spirit, and a place where the mind is free to chart new directions.

Yale-DMA-empty-swingThe legendary New Haven campus.