3D printing is one of today’s most exciting technologies. It gives people a way to manufacture their own goods, right at home. However, not everyone has a 3D printer in their home…at least, not yet.

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Partnering with Shapeways
Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace for users who want to print and sell their 3D wares. For students attending DMA’s 3D Printing camp, Shapeways is extending a $20 credit that can be used to have your 3D model printed by Shapeways.

To redeem the offer, DMA students receive a special code in camp that is entered during Shapeways’ online checkout. But hurry, guys, the offer ends August 31st, 2015.

“Duke the Poet” sells for $80 in the Shapeways store. The white nylon plastic statue was created by user Mani Zamani. (Image: Shapeways)

The Shape of Things to Come
Digital Media Academy gives students hands-on experience with 3D printers in camp, but due to costs, can’t let campers take the 3D printers home. DMA is proud to partner with Shapeways to give students access to 3D printers after camp.

Shapeways is a tremendous resource for 3D modelers. Not only can Shapeways print out your creations, but it’s also a thriving marketplace where you can also sell the items you make!

It’s no surprise that 3D printing is having a real impact on our world, in a variety of ways:

    • To Produce Film Effects: Filmmakers are turning to 3D printers to assist them in producing specialized props and stunningly lifelike physical effects.


    • For Heavy Construction Projects: Industrial 3D printers combine the muscle power of robotics with the precision of 3D printers. The results? Often amazing pieces of design structure, such as a 3D printed bridge.


    • To Create Better Prosthetics: 3D printing will be able to help produce superior prosthetic devices for those missing limbs: perfectly produced, relatively inexpensive and better able to incorporate sophisticated electronics.


  • For Long Distance Jobs: 3D printing recently came to the rescue aboard the International Space Station. A crucial repair needed to be made, yet the ISS did not have the specialized wrench. NASA was able to send the needed programming to the ISS, where the space tool was 3D printed and then successfully used.


Shapeways is a one-stop resource for 3D modelers, whether you want to 3D print projects or sell them.

Create Cool Stuff…in 3D!
The great thing is that 3D printing technology is not some far-off dream. It’s here now, and there are many ways to start taking advantage of this amazing technology.

The best way is getting hands-on experience working with 3D printers, like students do at Digital Media Academy. DMA’s expert instructors know how to guide students so they get maximum results and make cool objects they can take home and show their friends.

Learning how to use a 3D printer? DMA offers hands-on instruction from tech experts.