A hearty DMA shout-out to Marcus Duvoisin, Digital Media Academy curriculum developer, who was recently interviewed by 3D printing manufacturer Formlabs in an online article.

Marcus is Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction at DMA. The interview talks about Marcus’s efforts to coordinate the launch of DMA’s 3D printing course (“3D Printing & Industrial Design”).

DMA curriculum developer Marcus Duvoisin puts the Form 1 3D printer through its paces at the 2015 SXSWedu Playground conference.

“Now that consumer 3D printing is really picking up traction, there’s this growing need to become educated about it and that’s where we hope to step in,” he told Formlabs.

This was the first year 3D printing & Industrial Design was offered at DMA, so some key equipment purchasing decisions were required. The DMA class was able to go above and beyond Marcus’s expectations, with help from Formlabs’ Form 1 SLA 3D printer.

Check out the full DMA’s Marcus Duvoisin interview with Formlabs <https://formlabs.com/stories/code-smores-3dprinting/> here.

If your mind’s eye can conceive it, you can make it…with 3D printing.

Marcus was featured on Digital Media Academy’s Instagram page this past march, where he represented DMA and demonstrated his 3D printing skills on a Form 1 at the DMA at SXSWedu Playground booth.

In his Formlabs interview, Marcus also discusses how a super-cool final course project had a positive impact for good, in association with an organization called Playground Ideas.

DMA_instructor_at_SXSW edu_2015
Marcus shares some DMA goodies with attendees at the SXSWedu Playground conference. 

Make It Yourself!
It’s the most amazing and cutting-edge technology subject going. Everyone who works in it comes away dazzled by the incredible things that can be produced with 3D printers.

This coming summer is your chance to get up close to this technology…at DMA 3D printing tech camps, where Form 1 3D printers are used by teens (ages 12-17) to weave complex molded creations. If your mind can conceive it, a 3D printer can make it. See for yourself next summer at DMA.