We introduced you to Angus Willows recently in another DMA Success Story. Unfortunately, we couldn’t show you his cool creation at the time…but now we wanted to show you the amazing kinds of things that get created when kids and teens attend Digital Media Academy.

Here he is with his pride and joy, his electronic skateboard…



What did you actually create at DMA tech camp?
The prototype for a cover that protects the electronics that are housed under a motorized long board I was making for the Maker Faire.

How exactly did it make you feel when you completed your final project?
I was happy that I had a prototype for the housing, because I really needed a cover for the board electronics – so they don’t get scratched or wet.

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
Staying overnight at the camp was a really cool experience, because you can roam the campus and look at all that it has to offer. We had other fun activities and the food was really good.

Did you make friends at DMA camp this summer?
Yeah, I made friends with a few people that I met at the overnight portion. One guy was also named Angus!

Do you think you’ll use what you learned at DMA when you’re back at your regular school?
I will use what I learned at DMA in using other CAD programs and for more 3D printing projects.

Would you like to come back to a DMA tech camp next summer?
Yes, maybe to try out any other camps in industrial design or other areas.

I think some of my friends would really like DMA and I would suggest it to them.
– Angus Willows, Inventor & DMA 3D Printing & Industrial Design student

Would you suggest DMA tech camps to your best friends and their parents?
Definitely. I think some of my friends would really like it and I would suggest it to them.

Were your parents pleased with your DMA experience?
I think they really liked to see me learn more about CAD and industrial design and I also think that they are happy that I got to see what it was like to be on the Stanford campus. I will be going to college in a few years and I really like the opportunities that the Stanford design school offers for ID, product design and engineering.

In his 3D printing class at DMA, Angus made this plastic piece to cover and protect the skateboard’s electronics. Cool!

Get On Board!

Today’s technology is like a train that can carry you to exciting places and a rewarding career. Be like Angus and explore your creative passions at Digital Media Academy summer tech camps.

You can see how much Angus got out of his experience in DMA’s 3d printing tech camps. Maybe this coming summer is your time to shine!

Thanks to DMA Regional Director Rachelle Harding for coordinating this DMA Success Story!