This coming summer, get charged up at a camp especially designed for teen girls who are into tech.

We’re talking about Digital Media Academy’s first-ever wearable tech camps, where fashion design meets electronics and adds modern tech capabilities to garments and accessories.

With wearable tech, the future puts a modern glow on today’s most stylish fashions, like this necklace.

The course is called Clothing Design & Wearable Tech, and it’s a mash-up of two different (but complementary) pursuits – fashion design and electronic circuitry.

Because that’s what wearable tech is about: clothing that performs more functions beyond covering the human body and looking fashionable.


So what’s wearable tech? We’re talking about jewelry that lights up. Dresses with built-in audio speakers. Hats that collect solar power and harness it to run visor-mounted LED lights.

And because this course is part of DMA’s Made By Girls initiative to support the presence of women in tech, you can look forward to meeting other young women like yourself who are fascinated by technology, and who want to see how they can apply their own natural creativity to today’s tech.


You’ll start by covering virtual clothing design, delivered through a 3D modeling software program by CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. CLO’s Marvelous Designer gives you free reign and all the software tools you need as a professional clothing designer.

DMA‘s expert instruction will guide you through the material for maximum retention and utility.

You’re in total charge of the virtual clothing design with CLO’s Marvelous Designer.

This course doesn’t just focus on new, electronic methods, either. You’ll also be exposed to a variety of fashion construction techniques, including hand stitching.


The other part of the instruction covers Arduino – the electronics and robotics platform that is being used for more and more cool applications, such as wearable tech.

Here you’ll discover what goes into programming electronics circuits so they perform dazzling feats right on cue, and achieve maximum visual and fashion impact.

And by learning programming through Arduino, you’ll be entering into an even richer tech experience – one that could lead you further into cool related subjects, such as robotics.

This coming summer, make plans to spend part of your vacation at DMA’s wearable tech camps.

Learn Arduino circuitry at DMA and you can engineer your own ultra-chic, wearable tech designs.