Parents of younger kids (age 6-8) are often at a loss as to how to effectively keep those kids occupied during their summer vacations. You want your child to learn a lot, plus you want them to have lots of fun. And then there’s your family’s busy summer schedule…

We know parents want to inspire their child’s best creativity. At DMA, that’s our mission, too.

What to do? Relax, and check out the day camp that’s loaded with options – Digital Media Academy’s Jr. Adventures in Programming & Game Creation tech camp. It’s a summer experience that’s perfectly portioned and geared for young learners.

And it’s about tech subjects that even young kids instinctively love: programming and game development.


The first thing you notice about DMA’s junior programming camps is the flexibility it offers your family’s schedule. The course is available as a morning session or afternoon session. Each day, campers arrive at either 8:30 in the morning or 1:00 in the afternoon. The early session ends at 12:30 p.m., just in time to have lunch with the family, while the afternoon session winds up at 5:00 p.m. each afternoon, in time for dinner at home.

In addition, because we know kids need to be physically active as well as creatively challenged, both sessions provide an outdoor recreation break and a quick snack. Equally important, each session winds up with an hour period that sees your child working with and socially engaged with other kids – and developing key socialization skills along with what they’re learning in class. Your kid gets a chance every day to make new friends, with other kids who share their interest.

DMA has just added great new campus locations, including Duke University!


We want your youngster to have the time of their life at DMA’s Jr. Adventures camp, but we never forget they’re with us for a larger and more vital reason. You want your child to be inspired by the amazing technology that is currently revolutionizing nearly every aspect of our lives.

Furthermore, you want them to start exploring the world of tech and seeing if they can find their place within that rapidly expanding and changing landscape.

In order to achieve these goals, we intentionally keep our class sizes small. In the case of Jr. Adventures in Programming & Game Creation, the class is based on a 6:1 student-to-staff ratio. That means your child is able to receive lots of one-on-one time with the instructor. That dedicated attention helps bring out the best learning attitude within kids, as we’ve learned during DMA’s 15 years of tech-camp experience.

In addition, because we get that young kids require extra attention, we hire the best teaching assistants possible, to help support this learning-friendly environment.

DMA instructors know how to connect with and guide young learners, and understand how to keep younger students positively motivated.


Kids naturally are attracted to computers and they love video games. So getting them interested in our course material actually requires little effort. That sets them up for a week of effective learning.

In this camp, your youngster will be using ScratchJr, a programming tool developed by MIT that requires no existing coding knowledge. ScratchJr is an extremely friendly start for junior programmers.

With it, your child will make playable video games and cool animations. By week’s end, they’ll be able to show their creations to family and friends at home. So your child gets that critically important first taste of how cool and easy it is to make things with tech. What a great and positive early stimulus for them as learners.


Beyond that, he or she will have picked up fundamental programming skills. Programming is now part of so many other things. By mastering programming, your child will get a serious leg up developmentally. Studies have shown that kids that pick up programming skills fare better in other courses at school. Learning to program strengthens young minds, and opens doors for them, while enhancing creative thinking skills.

There’s another thing that DMA junior programming camps can offer: affordability. Because the junior software used is not as expensively licensed as the professional development tools geared for older users, there are substantial savings in running the camp, and DMA passes those savings on to families with an extremely low week rate.

There’s nothing like that sense of achievement kids get after a week of exciting tech camp at DMA.


Christmas is rapidly approaching…but another important milestone is just four days away: the end of DMA’s Holiday Savings Season special. Planning to send your kid to camp this summer? Then do yourself a favor and go ahead and book their reservation now.

Each camp registration you make through Monday, Dec. 21st will get you $100 in savings on camp tuition. That’s the best deal you’ll get all year, especially on a junior tech camp as attractively priced as this one.

And there’s no limit on how many times you take advantage of the discount, which makes this a potential goldmine of savings for families with more than one child who will be attending camp.

This summer, give your child the learning and laughing experience of a lifetime, by sending them to DMA’s morning session or to the afternoon-based junior programming camps.

It’s just one of the new camps and courses now available for registration at any of DMA’s tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada.