It’s one of the hottest MOBA games around, and now it’s coming to Digital Media Academy!

DOTA 2 is so popular that often more than a million gamers are playing it simultaneously.

It’s called DOTA 2, which is short for “Defense of the Ancients” and gamers who like MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) action swear by DOTA 2‘s compelling mix of role-playing themes and strategy-game elements – which echoes earlier games like League of Legends and Smite.

Typically, in this type of game (which usually features a top-down viewing perspective), the player controls one “hero” character that possesses a variety of abilities. Gamers play on a team (usually consisting of 4 to 6 players) and attempt to destroy the other team’s base.

The characters of Valve Corp.’s DOTA 2 summon you forth…to create the mother of game battles!


There’s a lot to love about DOTA 2 and much to explore. And it’s the core of DMA’s new summer tech camp, Game Design with DOTA 2.

It’s a new tech camp course designed to expose students to various aspects of creating games: design, art, storytelling and code. So you can get a true feel for the game development process, as it continues to be practiced throughout the game industry.

And it’s centered around DOTA 2, a game so wildly popular that there are now international DOTA 2 tournaments with huge numbers of attendees and whopping big cash prizes for the most skilled gamers.

DOTA 2 tournaments are gaining popularity and now feature big crowds and attractive prize money.


In this course, students get to let their creativity fly by discovering how to use the developer-provided tools to make cool custom stuff:

  • Custom Maps Use the Source level editor.
  • Custom Items Outfit characters with swords, armor and more, using 3D modeling with Maya.
  • Custom Functionality Get more out of maps, like various “win” conditions or random events.

In addition to getting valuable game scripting experience, students become familiar with the Source 2 Hammer editor and Lua, a scripting language.

This course is a great way for teens 12 to 17 to get a fully detailed picture of game development, and what it might possibly hold for them as a hobby or eventual career.

DMA’s new DOTA 2 course is an ideal way to learn how to use the game’s Source level editor.

Check out DMA’s DOTA 2 game design camps!

Or try one of our other game design tech camps. Whatever your gaming passion, DMA has you covered.

It’s going to be an amazing summer for gamers at DMA.

Aren’t you ready to enter the arena? Or better yet, maybe even design it? DMA can show you how.

PLEASE NOTE: An active Steam account is required for students attending this camp. Steam accounts are free and can be set up at