When you operate tech camps at UC San Diego, you know people are going to focus on the natural surroundings – because those surroundings include the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

The UCSD campus is a place where tech rules – especially engineering and life sciences.

We take full advantage of the location with our popular surfing and filmmaking camp, which mixes thrilling surfing with action sports filmmaking. But there’s much more to our DMA program at UCSD than just our fun-in-the-sun filmmaking camp.

This summer we’re offering nearly 50 different tech camps, courses and two-week academies at UCSD. There really is something for every kid and teen to explore and enjoy. And it’s set at UCSD – a perfect place for studying technology.


UCSD is a school that’s clearly going places. This year, Times Higher Education ranked UCSD the 35th best university in the world, and that’s up six spots from last year’s rankings.

UCSD is into all kinds of different cutting-edge tech, as you can see from three recent developments:

Space Exploration Astrophysicists at UCSD just discovered three Earth-sized planets orbiting a nearby star!
Medical Breakthroughs UCSD’s School of Medicine has been conducting key research about the Zika virus and how it functions via the TLR3 molecule. Also, UCSD has been enlisted to participate in the largest study of autism ever conducted.
Oceanic Research The school was just awarded a $100,000 National Science Foundation grant to see how El Nino might be affecting migratory patterns in sea life.

Digital photography is just one of nearly 50 cutting-edge tech camps offered at our UCSD location.

Plus, it’s great to spend part of your summer at a campus like this one. The UCSD campus is clean, modern and contains imaginative buildings like the Geisel Library, which gets its name (not to mention its crazy shape) from Dr. Seuss himself, Theodor Geisel!


We’re less than two months away from the start of DMA’s incredible season at UCSD. Course demand is running higher than last year and classes are filling up fast.

Our season at supercool UCSD runs from June 27th through August 12th. And we’re loaded with options for customizing your perfect summer tech experience.

Interested in a world-class day camp for your young child (age 6 to 8) or for that teen (12 to 17)? DMA has you covered. We even have some day camps that are scheduled for mornings, with others that take place during afternoons, giving you even more flexibility for your family’s schedule.

UCSD’s Geisel Library features a wild design, in tribute to the great Dr. Seuss!

Or if you want the overnight, collegiate experience, we’re offering that for teen students during the seven amazing weeks of our UCSD summer. There’s even weekend availability, too!

Get ready for the greatest and most creative summer of your life, learning from top-notch instructors and using leading software programs, as you discover how cool it is to see projects you’ve worked on come to life. It’s all waiting for you this summer at our fantastic UCSD tech camps!