Let’s face it – everything’s better when your friends are with you. Whether it’s school times or fun times or everything in between…life is just plain better when you have your favorite people around you.

Attending DMA camp is better with a buddy…

And so it is with summer vacation, which is almost here.

If you’re one of the tech-powered kids or teens who have registered for Digital Media Academy tech camps, we know you’re already excited. But get this – we know a perfect way to make your summer learning experience even better.

Bring Your Friends to Camp

Through DMA’s fantastic Refer-a-Friend incentive discounts, when you encourage your friends to attend one of DMA’s amazing camps, not only do they get a discount on their camp tuition. You do, too!

It’s even more fun when you attend DMA camp with a couple of your best pals…

They get $50 off camp and you also get a $50 credit toward your camp tuition.

Unlimited Friendship

Students really love our Refer-a-Friend program. One reason is because there are no limits on the number of discounts you can earn.

Refer one friend and make $50. Get a couple of pals to join you, and you’ll get $100. Keep referring friends and you can keep on saving more and more!

Bring as many friends as you like. With DMA’s Refer-a-Friend savings, the more the merrier!

The Buddy System

The “buddy system” works, and not just when two friends go swimming. It also works great at camp.

So this summer, bring your energy and excitement with you to DMA summer tech camp, along with your curiosity and imagination.

And don’t forget to bring your friends, too! With DMA’s Refer-a-Friend camp discounts program, it can work out great for you and your pals.