Digital Media Academy’s Made By Girls program goes beyond teaching tech skills; it is a community built to empower girls, giving them a safe learning environment to express their ideas and reach their full tech potential.

Our first Made By Girls Scholarship winner is Landri Drude. Landri doesn’t give in to gender stereotypes – she’d rather be an engineer than a princess!

Our Made By Girls Scholarship wrapped up last week, when the five incredible recipients were finally announced. Each week we’ll feature one of our Made By Girls Scholars as summer approaches, to tell you a little bit about each of these amazing girls who can’t wait to dive headfirst into STEM.

First up: Landri Drude of Dyer, Indiana!

Made By Girls Scholar Landri Drude

Landri invented a game at Camp Invention last year. All of the pieces were up-cycled materials and many came from old electronics! In her spare time, she likes to take apart old electronics.

Landri is extremely well rounded, excelling in both school and sports. She likes playing chess, and plays with her traveling soccer team as well. Plus, the softball team she’s catcher for won the Indiana State Championships!

This summer she’ll be traveling again – but not for sports. That’s when she makes the trek to our University of Chicago location to take our Made By Girls Adventures in Programming course!

Landri is obsessed with science and really wants to learn more about coding. “This is exactly what she needs to build her girl power!” says Alana Drude, Landri’s mother.

Landri earned the nickname “Science Chick” in first grade when her former teacher Ms. Thomas noticed and encouraged her abilities in the subject. But she really began her love of science when a female teacher at Camp Invention told her that she “asks great questions,” a trait that all great scientists need to have.

Landri took apart a DVD and VHS player with Jaap Haartsen (Bluetooth Wireless inventor, left) and Elizabeth Beattie Hunter (Titan Arm inventor, right) at the National Inventors Hall of Fame!

Last May, Landri won a trip to the National Inventors Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Washington, D.C. She got the chance to meet present and past inductees like Kristina Johnson, inventor of 3D imaging and one of Landri’s role models.

While there, she also took apart a DVD and VHS player with Jaap Haartsen, the inventor of Bluetooth Wireless, and Elizabeth Beattie Hunter, who invented the incredible wearable tech known as Titan Arm while at U. Penn. They then powered up the machines again with a battery.

Landri loves prototyping inventions, but can’t wait to discover more about hardware and software so that she can actually build a workable invention. Learning programing is a great foundation to make that wish come true.

“I would really appreciate this opportunity to make cool programs with other girls – because we all know that coding girls rule!” she said in her entry video. And Landry’s right, coding girls do rule!

Check out Landri’s full video entry below!

Join Landri and DMA’s Made By Girls!

Made by Girls is dedicated to empowering girls through technology, and providing a safe learning environment designed to increase confidence in coding and computer science. Classes are led by female mentors dedicated to serving as role models and building a supportive community for girls learning STEM.

Made By Girls aims to make an impact on the global community by helping girls realize their potential, and encouraging them to express their creativity and personality every step of the way.

Digital Media Academy also offers co-ed courses at our other locations in subjects like Graphic Design, Robotics & Engineering and more. We hope to see you this summer!