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Adventures in Music Production

One-Week Adventure | Ages 9-12

Adventures in Music Production

One-Week Adventure | Ages 9-12

Make Your Own Music with Ableton

This course provides an introduction to music production and recording for even the newest musicians! At the beginning of the week, students will learn the basics of music (pitch, rhythm, melody, timbre, texture, dynamics), and how to use professional music recording software for creating and recording their own musical ideas.

Later in the week, students will learn about the difference between midi and audio and how to assign different types of sounds and instruments to separate tracks. Students will learn the science of sound and synthesis and how to loop musical ideas in Ableton Live’s session view.

At the end of the week, students will have created their own arrangement and production of an existing popular song and will have learned the basics of music production. Students will go home with the ability to produce their own music.

Receive up to 12 months of Adobe Creative Cloud by registering today ($600 Value). Students in this course will also recieve a Take-Home Akai MIDI Keyboard.

Staff Ratio: 8:1
Hardware + Software: Ableton Live 10 + Akai MIDI Keyboard (Take-Home Item)

Ages: Students 9-12
Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Staff Ratio: 8:1
Hardware + Software: Ableton Live 10 + Akai MIDI Keyboard (Take-Home Item)

Ages: Students 9-12
Hours: 8:30AM – 5:00PM

Course Information

Get ready for a fun and impactful educational experience through project-based learning

What Students Learn

  • The basic elements of music
  • How to use professional music recording software
  • How to create custom sounds in Ableton Live
  • How to use a Midi keyboard to produce music
  • How to record their own musical ideas

What Students Create

  • Songs inspired by popular video games and internet memes
  • Unique sounds, instruments and audio effects
  • A professional sounding mix of their favorite song from the class

About Music Production Courses

Our Music Production courses give students real-world experience with workflows in modern music production. They’ll learn how to record, mix, edit, and produce their own digital tracks. The Adventures in Music Production course gives students a look at Ableton, a powerful live mixing and music production software that allows them to create tracks in their favorite genres while learning how to use drum machines and MIDI keyboards to bring the house down. Explore more music production courses.

The Adventures Experience: Our Adventures camps give elementary level students, ages 9-12, a meaningful, hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of technology and design-thinking methodology; challenging them to collaborate with their fellow campers to create solutions to real-world problems.

Learn More About This Course

Learn more about Adventures in Music Production by taking an in-depth look at the syllabus for this course.

Our project-based approach to learning sparks curiosity, builds confidence, and fosters teamwork as students seek solutions to real-world problems. Do you have additional questions about selecting the perfect course? Contact our friendly Academic Advisors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need any prior musical experience?

No! This course is a wonderful introduction to music production and can also help experienced musicians improve their skills.

“Our son very much enjoyed the camp. He was reluctant to go on the first morning, but when I picked him up, he said: “This is the best day of all the camps I went to”. Every day was a new day of excitement, and it shows. Now, I Have no choice but register him for next Summer!!! Many thanks for his teacher Michael, he is ‘awesome’!!”

Hassen G.

Adventures in Music Production

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