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Jr. Adventures in Game Coding

Kids One-Week Camp | Ages 7-9

Jr. Adventures in Game Coding

Kids One-Week Camp | Ages 7-9

Code Custom Games and Animations

Kids taking this class will discover how to create video games and character animations while learning the basics of computer programming. This introductory course explores coding fundamentals with hands-on easy-to-use software: Scratch Jr. and Hopscotch.

Students will start the week learning to program a sequence of instructions and conditional If / Then statements. Later, they’ll learn about loops, algorithms, and flow control structures. Kids will recreate popular iPad video games (Crossy Road, Geometry Dash, Dodgeball, etc) from the ground up. At the end of the week, students get to show the game they created to their friends and family.

Staff Ratio: 6:1
Hardware + Software: PBS Scratch Jr, Hopscotch, Apple iPads

Ages: Students 7-9
Hours: 9:00AM – 4:30PM

Staff Ratio: 6:1
Hardware + Software: PBS Scratch Jr, Hopscotch, Apple iPads

Ages: Students 7-9
Hours: 9:00AM – 4:30PM

Course Information

Get ready for a fun and meaningful camp experience through project-based learning

What Students Learn

  • How to create character animations and simple games within Scratch Jr. and Hopscotch
  • Foundational programming concepts and vocabulary, including Sequences, Conditions, Loops, Algorithms, and Flow control structures.
  • The purpose of a program and the role of programmers

What Students Create

  • Interactive Story Apps (Sequence)
  • Asteroid Evasion Game (Conditional Statements)
  • Crossy Road and Geometry Dash Games (Loops)
  • Dodgeball and Geometry Dash Games (Debugging)

More About This Course

Jr Adventures in Game Coding teaches students the code behind their favorite video games. How do they work? How do you make your own? Game design has become a widely popular way to introduce students into the programming world, and by using programs like ScratchJr and Hopscotch, our students don’t even realize they’re learning lifelong skills. Our programming courses show students that their passions for video games can really be a passion for coding – a passion that truly can have no limits!

The Adventures Experience: Our Jr. Adventures program introduces our youngest campers, ages 7-9, to STEM fundamentals with the same project-based learning approach as our advanced learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this course and Jr. Adventures in Minecraft Game Design?

They are similar in that they both are teaching kids how to create a video game, but our Game Coding class has a larger focus on introducing kids to programming while our Minecraft class has a larger focus on game design principles.

Camp Upgrades

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“I liked Scratch most, because at first it looked complicated, but then I started to understand it and it was really fun!”

Ariel R.

Jr. Adventures in Game Coding

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